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AL26-181-75 Aluminum Solder Paste - 250 Gram Jar

Part No:SSAL26-181-75J

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Solders directly to aluminum for aluminum to copper and aluminum to aluminum connections




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Solders directly to aluminum for aluminum to copper and aluminum to aluminum connections Eliminating the need for plating aluminum before soldering Good thermal stability for heat sink reflow solderingMelts at: 423 ºF (217 ºC)


Superior Solder Paste AL26-181-75 is a water-soluble formulation designed for direct aluminum to copper soldering of heat sinks. It also has excellent soldering characteristics for copper and nickel-plated aluminum surfaces. The presence of silver in the solder alloy of the paste permits the creation of a true intermetallic bond between the solder and the aluminum. APPLICATION Superior Solder Paste AL26-181-75 is made from Type 1 Powder (-100 Mesh Powder) with a unique flux binding system to keep the very active aluminum flux portion of the flux form degrading the solder powder. The material should be refrigerated before use and when in storage.

The ideal temperature for printing and dispensing the paste is 20°C with a relative humidity of 35-55%. This is packaged in a jar and sold by the ounce.

Superior Solder Paste AL26-181-75 is a water soluble paste formulation.  

All equipment in contact with the solder paste can be cleaned with water (followed by alcohol rinsing if rapid drying is needed).

Superior Solder Paste AL26-181-75 should be stored with consideration of the effect that storage will have on the long term stability of the paste to achieve a shelf life of 12-18 months, store in a freezer below 0°C.

To achieve a shelf life of 3-12 months, store in a refrigerator, 1-12°C.

For non-refrigerated/frozen storage, maintain in a cool and dry location.  

Maximum temperature should not exceed 23°C.

A storage time of up to 3 months can be expected.

Avoid direct sunlight.

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