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Aoyue 738H 5 in 1 Digital Hot Air Rework Station

  • 70 Watt Iron using low cost standard tips
  • Part No:AO738H

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    Quick overview

      Key Features
    • 70 Watt Iron using low cost standard tips
    • Creative built-in smoke extractor that absorbs the fumes created at the source when soldering.
    • Digital Display
    • Digital Calibration for the soldering Iron
    • Microprocessor controlled element for precise temperature control
    • Adjustable sleep timer for the soldering iron with automatic wake-up
    • Microprocessor precisely controls temperature and airflow for the Hot Air Gun
    • Microprocessor controlled with self-testing hot air heating core system which warns user when aging or breakdown of the heating core occurs.
    • The high wattage hot air heater (500 watts) enables this unit to tackle any size job
    • Digital display of hot air set and actual temperature.
    • Auto cool-off process that leaves the blower on until the nozzle is cool, this prolongs life of the heating element and to ensure safety.
    • Maintains a constant set temperature when the set and the value is reached

    The NEW 738H only available from SRA Soldering Products.  This 5 in 1 station has a 70 soldering iron, 600 Watt Hot Air Gun, Vacuum Pickup Tool, Smoke Absorber and Soldering Tweezers.  It also includes a nice tool box for holding all you tips and accessories. 
    The Quality and features available on this unit are the best in the industry. Aoyue is a well known brand that is sold Worldwide.
    ESD Safe Unit that meets CE and RoHS.
    Power Input: 110 Volts
    Station Dimensions: 188(w) x 126(h) x 250 (d) mm
    Weight: 5.5 Kg
    Soldering Iron
    Power Consumption: 70 Watts
    Temperature Range: 200 - 480 ºC
    Heating Element: Ceramic
    Output Voltage: 24 volts
    Tip to Ground Resistance: Below 2 ohms
    Tip to Ground Potential: Below 2 mV
    Hot Air  
    Power Consumption: 500 Watts
    Temperature Range: 100 - 480  º C
    Heating Element: Metal Heating Core
    Nozzle to Ground Resistance: Below 2 ohms
    Pump Type: Diaphragm Pump
    Air Capacity: 23 L/min (max)
    Smoke Absorber and Vacuum Tool  
    Vacuum Pressure: 600mm Hg
    Package List:
    738H+ station with hot air gun
    70 Watt Soldering iron with Silicone Cord
    Hot air gun holder
    Configurable Soldering iron holder with TY-98 Brass Coil Tip Cleaner
    Tool Box for holding all tips and accessories
    Spare Bass Coil for the Tip Cleaner
    Soldering Tweezers with alignment tool 
    Vacuum Pickup kit with 3 suction cups to easily pickup IC's
    Spare Heating Element for the Hot Air Gun
    Spare Heating Element for the Soldering Iron
    10 Soldering iron tips (T-B, T-LB, T-0.8D, T-1.2D, T-1.6D, T-2.4D, T-1C, T-0.5C, T-I(installed in soldering iron))
    IC popper
    6 Air nozzles ( 1124,1130, 1196, 1197, 1010, 1313)
    Flux Can
    2 Filter pads
    Power cord
    1 Year Manufacturers warranty except for wear items like nozzles, tips and elements. Service is done in the USA


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    SKU AO738H
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    Brand Aoyue
    Manufacturer Aoyue
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