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Brulin Formula 815MX

Part No:BRU815MX

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Quick overview

Our Mildest Ultrasonic Cleaning Formula

    Brulin Formula 815MX
    Industrial Strength Cleaner/Degreaser
    • Safe as It is Strong - Use on Virtually All Water-Safe Surfaces

    • Versatile - Cleans Wide-Range of Soils

    • Greener- Contains No Solvents, Butyl, Acid or Free Caustic

    • Our Mildest Ultrasonic Cleaning Formula

    This one-product industrial solution cleans an amazing array of industrial soils on a wide variety of surfaces. Just vary the dilution rate to your soil load to effectively clean vehicles, maintenance areas, equipment, tools and parts. Amazing cleaning strength ?€"- removes industrial grease and oil, food area greases, rubber marks, carbonized soil and even smoke damage. Greener?€?no solvents, no butyl, no acid, no free caustic, biodegradable and non-flammable.

    Uses:Concrete Floors, Walls, Vents, Grease Chutes, Equipment,Tools,Vehicles,Conveyors, Furnace Rooms,Lunch Rooms,Maintenance Areas

    Typical Specifications
    Dilution Range
    (product/water): 1:64 - 1:32
    Typical Dilution: 1:64
    Working pH: 11.3
    Color: Blue-Green
    Odor: Citrus
    Hlth Rtng (In-Use): 1
    USDA: A1
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