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Contact Cleaners

  1. Part No:MG406B-425G

    Use when a rapidly drying cleaner degreaser is required.

    Perfect for quickly cleaning PC boards.

  2. Part No:MG801B-125G
    >Improves conductivity Safe on plastics Use when requiring a contact cleaner with lubrication that offers long-term protection from oxidation
  3. Part No:MG4050A-450G
    A special blend of ethyl alcohol, isopropanol and ethyl acetate.
  4. Part No:MG401B-340G
    Use when cleaning and lubricating controls. Contains a light, electronic grade, mineral oil lubricant.
  5. Part No:MG404B-340G
    Contains 340 gr or 12 oz in an aerosol
  6. Part No:MG407C-250ML
    Safe on plastics Cleans and restores sensitive magnetic and optical read/write heads. Removes nicotine, tape residues, metallic oxides, carbon deposits, oils, dirt.
  7. Part No:MG801C-P

    Protects, lubricates, and deoxidizes ic's, contacts, jacks, connectors, switches, relays, plugs, controls, batteries, and photometers.

  8. Part No:MG409B-140G
    MG Chemicals 409B Electrosolve Contact Cleaner - 140 Grams
  9. Part No:MG404B-140G
    MG Chemicals 404B Contact Cleaner with Silicones - 140 Grams
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