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Dispensing Accessories

  1. Part No:ADAPH30CCBLK

    Adapter Assembly for 30cc Syringes includes 3 ft of tubing.

  2. Part No:CART50CC
    Please contact us for Stock Details

    Plastic Syringe Cartridges with Luer Lock.

  3. Part No:TIPEND
    White Tip Cap for all Syringes
  4. Part No:PLUNGERS30

    Plastic Plungers for manual use with syringes. These are used with the black stoppers.

  5. Part No:ADAPH50CC
    Aluminum Syringe Adapter Assy -50cc Syringe
  6. Part No:ST30CCPISTON

    Grey Drip Free Stoppers used with Pneumatic Dispensers

  7. Part No:CART30CC

    Plastic Syringe Cartridges with Luer Lock.

  8. Part No:ENDCAP30CC

    End Cap for syringes to preserve the material inside.

  9. Part No:STOP50CC
    White Stoppers 50/cc
  10. Part No:STOPBLAC30

    Black Rubber Stoppers used on the hand Plungers.

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