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Dispensing Needles + Tips

Our US manufactured Tip hubs and stainless steel dispensing needles are free of molding flash,
burrs and contaminants that could cause variations in your dispensing.
The dispensing tip gauges, lengths and colors are consistent from lot to lot to eliminate any variations.
We stock Disposable Stainless Steel Dispensing Needles with polypropylene luer lock hubs in
several lengths and 1 1/4" Poly Free Flow Tapered Tips
These tips will fit all luer lock syringes.
Disposable Dispensing Blunt Needles(Tips)
14 .063 White
15 .054 Brown
16 .047 Gray
18 .033 Dk. Green
19 .027 Lt. Green
20 .023 Pink
21 .020 Purple
22 .016 Blue
23 .013 Orange
25 .010 Red
27 .008 Clear
30 .007 lavender
  1. Part No:TIPS#19X1
    Stainless Steel Blunt Needle With Luer Polypropylene Hub 19 Gauge x 1" Long
  2. Part No:TIPS#21
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    Stainless Steel Blunt Needle With Luer Polypropylene Hub 21 Gauge x 1/2" Long
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