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Dusters and Coolers

For troubleshooting and keeping your equipment clean. MG Chemicals offers aerosol dusters to safely and easily remove foreign particles from delicate equipment and cold sprays for locating thermal intermittence, PCB cracks, and cooling solder joints. Also freezes gum and other adhesives for easy removal.
  1. Part No:MG403A-400G
    Chills to -51C (-60F)Used for locating thermal intermittence,
  2. Part No:MG434-1L
    Acetone is a pure solvent with an endless variety of applications.
  3. Part No:MG403A-285G
    Protects heat-sensitive components during soldering.
  4. Part No:MG402A-285G
    Contains 10 oz in an aerosol Removes microscopic dust, lint, and foreign particles.
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