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Lubricants & Heat Transfer Compounds

Lubricants & Heat Transfer Compounds

  1. Part No:
    MG Chemicals 8463 Silver Conductive Grease
  2. Part No:

    Reduces make-break arching and pitting of switch contact surfaces Improves the connection between irregular or pitted contact surfaces Reduces EMI noise by maintaining a continuous path between conductive surfaces

  3. Part No:
    Use with heat sinks or metal chassis Will not dry or harden
  4. Part No:
    MG Chemcials 8462 Translucent Silicone Grease
  5. Part No:

    The 847 Carbon Conductive Assembly Paste is an electrically conductive, non-bleeding grease for improving electrical connections between non-moving surfaces and parts.

  6. Part No:
    The 8472 Penetrating Oil rapidly dissolves corrosion and rust.
  7. Part No:
    MG Chemicals 860 Heat Transfer Compound Type 1 - Silicone, 60 Grams
  8. Part No:
    A multi-purpose lubricant suitable for all moving parts.