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Accessories & Parts for H2O Torches

  1. Part No:H20FILTER
    RFI Suppression Filter SRA H2O Welders
  2. Part No:H20COR350
    Caustic Tank Orings SRA H20-350 #49
  3. Part No:BOOSTERFLUX-500ML
    Booster Flux for H2O Water Welders
    Booster Flux for H2O Water Welders
  5. Part No:H20TORCH
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    This is the torch used with the H2O torches.
  6. Part No:H20VALVES
    This is a check valve for the SRA-250 and SRA-350
  7. Part No:H20CIRCUIT
    Level Circuit Board for SRA H2O Welders
  8. Part No:H20CAPS
    Water Tank Cap for H2O Welders
  9. Part No:H20THY#2
    Rectifier Diode for SRA H2O Welders
  10. Part No:H20STAN
    This is a study stand for use with the H2O torches
  11. Part No:H20THAN250
    This is the Booster Tank Handle for the SRA-250 Water Welder.
  12. Part No:H20CAUSC
    Electrolyte C for SRA-250 H20 Welders
  13. Part No:H20CAUSB
    Electrolyte B for SRA-350 H20 Welders
  14. Part No:H20PLUG
    Power Cord for SRA H2O Welders - 10 Amps
  15. Part No:H20CHROME
    This is the Check Valve Cap for SRA H2O Welders for the SRA-250 and SRA-350 Water Welders.
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