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Jewelry Tools

Jewelry Tools

  1. Part No:
    The standard Compact Polishing Lathe is furnished with two tapered spindles, one white muslin buff, one yellow-treated muslin buff, a hex wrench, and a replacement pair of carbon brushes.
  2. Part No:
    Xuron 2175 Maxi-Shear Flush Cutters
  3. Part No:
    Xuron 494-Four in One Crimping Plier
  4. Part No:
    Xuron 2175A Full Flush Shear
  5. Part No:
    The 489 Combination Tip Pliers is a traditional jeweler's plier.
  6. Part No:
    XURON 2175M Vertical Track Cutter Pliers.
  7. Part No:
    Designed to leave flat cuts on both cut and cut-off sides of your wire.
  8. Part No:
    Xuron 2175 Maxi-Shear Flush Cutters
  9. Part No:
    Xuron 2175B Semi Flush Shear
  10. Part No:

    Solder Pick for picking up molten solder. 

    Titanium is used for gold and silver solders

  11. Part No:

    Suitable for pickling and acid solutions

  12. Part No:
    6-set metallic jeweler screwdrivers.