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KORAD KEL-103 - Programmable DC Electronic Load, 300 Watt, Low Ripple

  • 0-120V, 0-30A, 300W
  • Part No:KEL103

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    Quick overview

    User manual, power cord, software CD, USB cord & RS232 cord
      Key Features
    • 0-120V, 0-30A, 300W
    • Dynamic mode: up to 10KHZ
    • Resolution of voltage and current: 0.1mV/0.1mA
    • 4 working modes: CV/CC/CR/CW
    • Remote sensing function
    • Battery test, automatic test, OPP test, OCP test functions
    • 100 sets of storage
    • Short circuit function
    • Current monitoring function
    • Power off memory function
    • Interfaces: USB, RS232 & LAN

    Korad programmable DC electronic load perfect for R & D, quality control, production lines, school laboratories, and repairing.

    Electronic loads are used in a variety of tests, including power supply tests and battery tests. You can program them to provide exactly the kind of load that you need for the device you are testing. One of the most common ways to use an electronic load is in the constant current (CC) mode where the electronic load will draw a constant current from the device being tested, no matter what the output voltage is.

    Input Voltage:  110/220 volts switchable

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    SKU KEL103
    Weight (lbs) 11
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    Brand KORAD
    Part No 706919991971
    Manufacturer Korad
    voltage 110 Volts
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