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NEW Pepetools IPS-25-PLUS Programmable Digital Plating Rectifier- 25 Amp


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    Key Features
  • Fully Programmable User-friendly “one button” intuitive programming
  • Sequential Program Running Mode
  • Amp Meter Counter (Two Counters Permanent and Resettable)
  • Pulse Voltage mode
  • Switchable Polarity (In process User Selectable)
  • Maximized Output Voltage Stability
  • Maximized Output Current Stability
  • Self-Restoring Internal Short Circuit Protection
  • Auto Detectable - Dual Voltage


Internal short circuit protection and Self-Restore function:

During the plating process, the work piece may accidently touches the anode: the system will shut-down - those preventing sparking and damaging the work. The current is not flowing and no plating is taking place until the short is eliminated. Them the system then will self-restore and continue working with the preset values.

Programmable functions:

The fully programmable unit allows presetting up to five (5) unique programs.

In each program, the operator is able to preset Voltage and Current values; plating time; engage or disengage pulse mode and set a delay time, if needed.

Just set the values you require: Press Start Button. The unit will turn on and turn off at the pre-set time.

Amp Meter (AE) functions:

Optional Two (2) internal counters provide an important measuring function that allows user to properly maintain plating bath, regulate the thickness of the plating and also calculate the amount of material being used.

If option selected the user will have access to both: Permanent and User Resettable Amp Meter counters.

The permanent counter cannot reset and will accumulate the time for the live of the device.

Sequencing functions:

This combined function is a real breakthrough for the plating process in General.

The sequencing option allows a series of plating sessions to run sequentially – in, by the user, selectable order.

Jewelry Manufactures; Production Jewelry Shops and Artisan doing electro plating and/or electroforming will greatly benefit when using this Pepetools Power Supply.

Flush Plating: Auto Mode (fully programmable device)

Program 1: Set the Values for Electro cleaning Amps and Volts, Select – Reverse polarity.
Set time. Approximate the time you will need to electro clean, rinse and acid dip.

Program 2: Set the Values for Electro Plating Amps, Volts, and time you will need to plate.
Select Sequencing Function:
Set Sequence order: Program 1; Program 2

Start program. The program(s) will run as you have preset them and will stop when it is done.
You can repeat this program as many times as you will need.

Having five (5) programs that you can sequence allows creating unique setting:

For example - Setting for Rhodium; Setting for Yellow Gold; Setting for Pink Gold; Setting for Silver


The fully programmable device offers the best solution for electroforming process. Sequential (staged) process provides an environment for a properly controlled crystal growth and the necessary density of the deposits – both factors contribute a shiny non-pitted finish.

Solid State Architecture Reduces the Unit Size and Weight


Parameters & Specifications

Nominal input power 110VAC / 220VAC; 50/60Hz

Input power range 105-132VAC / 200-248VAC; 50/60Hz


Model - 25A /12VDC

Phase Current at nominal output 6.0A/110V

Power and voltage 3.0A/220V

Efficiency >= 85% (Grater than 85%)

Operating Temperature +5ºC - +40ºC (+40ºF - +104ºF)

Dimensions 10x150x260mm (W x H x D)

Weight 1.9kg (4.2 Lbs.)


Adjustable voltage stabilization mode

Output Voltage Adjustment 0.3 VDC - 12VDC

Output Voltage Accuracy >= 99% (Grater than 99%)

Output Voltage Adjustment:

Resolution (step) 10mV

Output Voltage

Ripple <= 1% (Less than 1%)

Noise <= 1% (Less than 1%)

(Under maximum load)

Output Terminal Voltage * Instability <= 1% (Less than 1%)

*depends on time and external factors

Adjustable load current stabilization mode

Load Current Adjustment: 0.01 - 25A

Load Current Accuracy <= 1%

Load Current Adjustment

Resolution (step) 10mA

Load Current

Ripple <= 1% (Less than 1%)

Noise <= 1% (Less than 1%)

(Under maximum load)

Load Current Instability* <= 1% (Less than 1%)

*depends on time and external factors

Timer adjustment

Maximum Time 9hrs 59min

Adjustment Precision 1sec

Pulse Voltage mode

Positive / Negative Pulse Duration 1sec - 90min

Adjustment Precision 1sec

Heater Input / Output

Heater Power Nominal 140W (by Nominal Input)

Temperature units (user defined) Centigrade / Fahrenheit

Temperature Range 1 ºC – 85ºC / 33 ºF – 185ºF

Temperature Adjustment

Resolution (step) 1ºC - 1 ºF

Temperature Adjustment Accuracy +/- 1ºC - +/- 2ºF

Additional Information
Weight (lbs) 5
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Brand PepeTools
Manufacturer PEPETOOLS
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