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Refurbished Products

These are products that we are no longer going to stock or are refurbished or are customer returns that we can't sell as new.  Please check back for frequent deals.   There are limited quantites of these items.

Refurbished Products

  1. Part No:

    In operation the SRA H2O Welders uses low voltage electricity to dissociate distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen gases.

  2. Part No:
    Ritocco is the most advanced heated interchangeable tool for cleaning up 3D printed objects.
  3. Part No:
    SRA TruPower UC-200D Ultrasonic Cleaner, 20 liter Capacity
  4. Part No:

    This is a SRA Model TruPower UC-150D Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner. 

  5. Part No:
    This is a Digital Dual Function soldering and desoldering station for thru hole boards and components
  6. Part No:
    This is a basic soldering station that is a great value
  7. Part No:
    The Aoyue 469 s a high performance soldering iron at a reasonable price.