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Refurbished Products

These are products that we are no longer going to stock or are refurbished or are customer returns that we can't sell as new.  Please check back for frequent deals.   There are limited quantites of these items.

  1. Part No:KD3005PREF
    This has an easy to read 4 digit LED is used to display the voltage and current values.
  2. Part No:KD3005DREF
    This has an easy to read 4 digit LED is used to display the voltage and current values.
  3. Part No:AO852A++REF
    This is a Digital Hot Air Station with a Vacuum Pickup tool for SMT rework.
  4. Part No:AO850A++REF
    This is an entry level hot air station for SMT rework.
  5. Part No:AO9378REF
    Aoyue 9378 Digital Soldering Station Refurb
  6. Part No:AO937+REF
    This is a 45 watt digital soldering station that has a 1 degree C control
  7. Part No:AO486REF

    This is a great benchtop smoke absorbing fan for soldering work. 

    It has a changable carbon filter. 

    The outside dimensions are  7.5" x 6.5" x 3 1/2" 

    The active carbon is 4 1/2 x 4 1/2"

  8. Part No:AO469REF
    The Aoyue 469 s a high performance soldering iron at a reasonable price.
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