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Aluminum Brazing Paste

Aluminum brazing alloys are used to join aluminum alloys as well as aluminum to copper. Filler metals containing aluminum are widely used in the HVAC, automotive and refrigeration industries. Our aluminum brazing alloys are available in wire, strip, and a variety of preformed shapes for customer specific applications.

Aluminum Brazing Paste

  1. Part No:PSSL1624
    Special Price $16.25 Regular Price: $16.25 As low as: $14.62
    ASN-845-650 Solder paste
  2. Part No:PSNFAB1070
    Special Price $12.00 Regular Price: $12.00
    FAB-1070E-450 Aluminum brazing Paste
  3. Part No:PSNNPA1070
    Special Price $12.00 Regular Price: $12.00
    NPA-1070-400 Aluminum brazing Paste