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Silver Brazing Wire

We stock many silver brazing alloys both with cadmium and cad free.   These products are sold by the troy ounce.  If you need an alloy that we do not stock, we can get non-stock silver brazing wires in 2-3 days, so please contact us with your requirements.
Common Silver Alloys
ProductAlloy CompositionMelting RangeAWS Spec.
45% Ag with Cadmium 45%Ag / 24%Cd / 16%Zn / 15%Cu 1125-1145°F BAg-1
45% Ag with Tin 45%Ag / 27%Cu / 25%Zn / 3%Sn 1185-1260°F BAg-36
45% Ag 45%Ag / 30%Cu / 25%Zn 1225-1370°F BAg-5
50% Ag with Nickel 50%Ag / 22%Cu / 28%Zn / 2%Ni 1250-1305°F BAg-24
50% Ag with Cadmium 50%Ag / 16%Cd / 15.5%Cu / 3%Ni 1170-1170°F BAg-3
56% Ag 56%Ag / 22%Cu / 17%Zn / 5%Sn 1145-1205°F BAg-7
63% Ag 63%Ag / 28.5%Cu / 6%Sn / 2.5%Ni 1175-1475°F BAg-21
65% Ag 65%Ag / 20%Cu / 15%Zn 1240-1325°F BAg-9
72% Ag 72%Ag / 28%Cu 1435°F BAg-8
  1. Part No:WES5662
    BAg-7 56% AG Wire Solder .062 Cadmium Free
  2. Part No:WPINBAG2162
    Good for corrosion resistance to moisture.
  3. Part No:WPINBAG362
    Used for joining tungsten carbide tip and stainless steel.
  4. Part No:WPINBAG3662
    Good Flow properties for low temp brazing.
  5. Part No:WPINBAG862
    Used to join copper-nickel and iron based alloys.
  6. Part No:WPS4562
    General purpose where a high strength ductile joint is required.
  7. Part No:WPS45SA62

    General purpose where a high strength ductile joint is required.

  8. Part No:WPS5615
    Extra Strong for Ferrous and nonferrous alloys in joints. Cadmium Free. Sold by the troy ounce.BAg-7
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