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Electronic Solder Paste

These solder Pastes are designed for use with printed circuit boards. They are available in T3(-325 mesh)
and T5 (-500 mesh) and comes in several alloys and flux types. It should be stored cold to
preserve shelf life. If the product is frozen there is a 1 Year shelf life.
All of our solder pastes are Low odor, Halide-Free and Halogen Free.
Electronic Grade Solder Paste Alloys 
ProductAlloyMelting Temperature
63/37 63%Sn / 37%Pb 361°F(183°C)
SAC 305 96.5%Sn / 3%Ag / 0.5%Cu 423-428°F(217-220°C)
96/4 96.5%Sn / 3.5%Ag 430° F(221°C)
Low Temp 42% Sn / 57% Bi / 1% Ag 278 °F (137 °C)
  1. Part No:SSLTNC-T5-15G
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    SRA Low Temperature Lead Free Solder Paste T5 - 15 Grams
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