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Rosin Fluxes

Traditional rosin fluxes - available in non-activated (R) #97, mildly activated (RMA) #99 and activated (RA) #100 formulations. RA and RMA fluxes contain rosin combined with an activating agent, typically an acid, which increases the wettability of metals to which it is applied by removing existing oxides. The residue resulting from the use of RA flux is corrosive and must be cleaned. RMA flux is formulated to result in a residue which is not significantly corrosive, with cleaning being preferred but optional.

Rosin Fluxes

  1. Part No:FLS100
    Flux- Rosin #100, 1 Gallon
  2. Part No:FLS97
    Flux - Rosin #97, 1 Gallon
  3. Part No:FLS99
    Flux - Rosin #99, 1 Gallon
  4. Part No:MG835-100ML
    For leaded and lead free soldering.
  5. Part No:FLS99-100ML
    SRA #99 RMA Rosin Flux - 100 mL
  6. Part No:FLS135
    The ideal flux for electrical and electronic repairs.
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