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SMD Removal Alloy Products

Save SMD Rework Costs With Fast Chip Products
Simply by adding Fast Chip low melt solder alloy to an existing solder joint, normal solder will reflow at a safe low temperature below 150 deg. C (300 deg. F) 

This innovative method of removing SMD's (surface mounted devices) at a safe low temperature has revolutionized the printed circuit board rework industry. 

Now SMD rework can be performed safely, easily, and affordably.

By using Fast Chip  you can


Heat damaged pads, leads and circuitry
Heat damaged solder joints of adjacent components
Thermal blisters, burns and board delamination
Mechanical damage from chip extraction when reflow is incomplete
The need for expensive rework equipment with a large inventory of tips and nozzles.

Remove QFPs, PLCCs, SOICs and chip components without complex and costly equipment. A large inventory stock of heater tips and nozzles are not required.

LOW COST: Available in complete kits for field service or industrial packaging for rework departments. No shelf life! No investment required. Use Fast Chip with existing rework equipment or temperature controlled soldering irons.

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