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Solder Wire

Lead Free Solder Alloys and Melting Temperatures
ProductAlloyMelting Temperature
SAC 305 96.5%Sn / 3% Ag / 0.5%Cu 423-428°F.(217-220°C)
Envirosafe 96.5%Sn / 3.45%Cu / 1%Sb / 0.05%Ag 419-428°F (215-220°C)
96/4 96.5%Sn / 3.5%Ag 430°F(221°C)
Sn99 99.7%Sn / 0.3%Cu 441°F(227°C)
Pure Tin 100%Sn 450°F(232°C)
Leaded Solder Alloys with Melting points
ProductAlloyMelting Temperature
Low Melt 52%Sn / 32% Pb / 18 Cd 293°F.(145°C)
60/40 60%Sn / 40% Pb 361-374°F.(183-190°C)
63/37 63%Sn / 37%Pb 361°F (183°C)
50/50 50%Sn /50%Pb 361-421°F.(183-216°C)
  1. Part No:WBCT32
    Excellent quality general purpose solder
  2. Part No:WBSPTIN125
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    Lead Free Solid Core Solder, Pure Tin .125-Inch, 1-Pound Spool
  3. Part No:WBCT40
    Excellent quality general purpose solder<
  4. Part No:WBSPTIN62
    Lead Free Solid Core Solder, Pure Tin .062-Inch, 1-Pound Spool
  5. Part No:WBCT62
    Lead Free Acid Flux Core Solder, Pure Tin .062-Inch, 1-Pound Spool
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