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Soldering Equipment

Soldering Equipment


  • SMD Rework Stations
    Aoyue SMT Hot Air Rework Stations for soldering and desoldering, infrared soldering and repairing systems
  • Soldering Stations
    Traditional and lead-free soldering stations featuring heating elements up to 70 watts and easy-to-read displays.
  • Pre-Heating Stations
    These infrared pre-heater aid in removing and installing surface mount components on circuit boards.
  • Work Platforms
    Platforms for Circuit board repair
  • Soldering Iron Tips
    Wide selection of soldering iron tips that are compatible with Hakko 900 series and also fits all Aoyue Stations with standard tips.
  • Soldering Tweezers
    Tweezers directly applies heat to components being repaired while avoiding nearby heating neighboring parts. There is a hot tweezers for every Aoyue Soldering Station
  • Solder Pots & Reflow Ovens
    We have several different size solder pots and all are suitable for lead free soldering and tinning
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