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These hot air rework nozzles will fit all Aoyue Hot Air rework station and most other stations.

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  1. Part No:AO1010
    Rework Nozzle #1010 9x9mm BGA
  2. Part No:AO1313
    Rework Nozzle #1313 12x12mm BGA
  3. Part No:AO1616
    Rework Nozzle #1616 15x15mm BGA
  4. Part No:AO1919
    Rework Nozzle #1919 18x18mm BGA
  5. Part No:AO3030N
    Rework Nozzle #3030 29x29mm BGA with Net
  6. Part No:AO3232W
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    Rework Nozzle #3232 31x31mm BGA with Net
  7. Part No:AO3636N
    Rework Nozzle #3636 35x35mm BGA with NET
  8. Part No:AO4141W
    Rework Nozzle #4141W 40x40mm BGA with a TRIPLE NET
  9. Part No:AO4343W
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    Rework Nozzle #4343W 42x42mm BGA with Triple NET
  10. Part No:AO4545W
    This BGA nozzle is for a 44x44 mm IC package and fits any brand of hot air rework station.
  11. Part No:AOBGA.SET
    his is a set of 8 common BGA Nozzles
  12. Part No:AOBGA.SET2
    This is a set of 11 common BGA Nozzles
  13. Part No:AOBGAWSET
    BGA Netted Nozzle Set
  14. Part No:AOPLCC.SET
    Due in on 07/24/2019
    This is a set of 9 PLCC Nozzles
  15. Part No:AOQFP.SET
    Due in on 07/24/2019
    The is a complete set of all the Quad Flat Pack Nozzles.
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