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SRA-250 H2O Hydrogen Torch for Soldering and Brazing

Part No:H20250

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Quick overview

This unique machine generates a Clean Pin Point Flame With Temperatures Up to 5000




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    Key Features
  • Pin point precision flame from a pen sized torch
  • Uses hypodermic needle for the torch tip
  • Burns hot up to 6000°F depending on de-oxidizer used
  • Breaks down distilled water for fuel
  • No harmful CO2 fumes, the exhaust is water vapor
  • No dangerous gas tanks and costly gas lines
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Works with any metal
  • Perfect for small and large spaces alike!
  • Electronic indicator lights for distilled water level
  • Electrolyte only needs to be changed once a year
  • Optional flux in booster tank keeps soldering joints clean
  • Includes everything you need to get started
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Soldering and Brazing with the gas generated by this hydrogen torch system is a terrific alternative to using pressurized fuel and oxygen tanks in your shop!

This single torch system is easy to use and control. There are indicators to keep you aware of the solution levels, power levels and allow you to set the power you need for any task such as soldering and brazing, Melting metal, flame polishing and many others.

SRA H2O hydrogen torch system uses low voltage electricity to dissociate distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen gases.

The torch tip is a hypodermic needle, comes with 5 different sizes - 5 of each size.

Boric acid can be added to the Methyl-alcohol to act as a gas flux to keep parts clean.

The Torch Stand is optional.

Distilled Water and Methyl-alcohol would need to be purchased locally.

Everything else is included.

It comes complete with the electrolyte, tips and everything you need except the methyl alcohol and distilled water.

This come with a 1 year warranty

Applications include:

Glass Processing, Brazing, Transformer soldering, Wire to Wire, Thermocouples, Quartz, Electronics boards, Dental Appliances, Jewelry, Medical Devices, Wax Castings, electromechanical devices

Additional Information
SKU H20250
Weight (lbs) 35
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Brand SRA Solder
Manufacturer SRA Soldering Products
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