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SRA TruPower #35 Circuit Board Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution - 1 Quart

Part No:UCS-35-PCB-1Q

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Quick overview

This ultrasonic cleaning solution has been specifically designed to clean electronic boards and assemblies by safely removing dust, dirt, flux, and other contaminants from sealed electronics





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    Key Features
  • A special made ultrasonic cleaning solution for electronic boards and assemblies.
  • Always test prior to use on other applications.
  • Removes dust, dirt, flux, and other contaminants from sealed electronics.
  • The recommended dilution ratio for this solution is 5-25% typically used at 10%. It works best with de-ionized or similar water, try avoiding tap/faucet water.
  • Optimal heating range is between 0°C and 25°C but is typically used at 20°C.
  • Typical cleaning duration for this mixture is from 3-15 mins with a max cycle of 30 minutes.
  • Rinse cleaned objects with an alcohol bath or wipes after use to remove excess water.
  • This can be used by anyone who has a need for it. From hobbyists to high grade professionals.

This is a Quart of SRA TruPower #35 Aqueous Saponifier. For best results when using on larger PCB boards or multiple boards use a 5-10% concentration of solution at a temperature of 120-150 F. Works best in an Ultrasonic Cleaner. SRA TruPower #35 was formulated for the 21st century cleaning of electronic assemblies with surface mount and mixed technologies. This is a concentrated detergent/saponifier formulated for the efficient removal of rosin soldering flux residues and other soldering contaminates from printed circuit boards, components, and other electronic assemblies. In a conveyorized in-line aqueous cleaning machine or soak tank cleaning system the SRA TruPower #35 will provide excellent cleaning of assemblies, even to the highest ionic standards set forth by the electronics industry. DIRECTIONS This was formulated to be versatile in its application techniques. It can be used with conveyorized cleaning-equipment; soak tanks; and modified dishwasher/batch-cleaning units. For soak cleaning, a simple soak or dip tank can be used to remove any rosin or resin flux residues. The tank should be constructed of stainless steel or high temperature plastics such as PVC or stress relieved polypropylene. The solution make-up for the soak or dip tank should be 5-10% by volume of the concentrated detergent added to water. For best results when working with larger PCB boards or multiple boards, a wash temperature of 50C/120F - 65C/150F is recommended. The dwell time of the PCBs being cleaned will depend on the concentration of the flux residue on the boards or components. After removal from the soak or dip tank, PCBs should be thoroughly rinsed with water to insure the complete removal of all solubilized and dispersed residue. Spray rinsing is preferred for maximum cleanliness followed by a rinse in DI water, which will ensure excellent cleanliness levels and good electrical characteristics.
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