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Cutters and Pliers

We feature cutters and pliers from Xuron Corp.   These products are made in the USA.

Cutters and Pliers

  1. Part No:TLXURONTK2100
    The TK 2100 Modelers Tool Kit belongs on every modeler's workbench.
  2. Part No:TLXURON573
    Xuron 573 Xuro-Former Lead Former
  3. Part No:TLXURON9250ET
    Xuron 9250ET Extra Tapered Head Head Micro-Shear Flush Cutter
  4. Part No:TLXURON486
    Xuron 486 90 Degree Bent Nose Pliers
  5. Part No:TLXURON9100
    Xuron 9100 Oval Head Micro-Shear Flush Cutter
  6. Part No:TLXURON420
    The 420 Angled Micro Shear Flush Cutter allows easier cutting in difficult areas.
  7. Part No:TLXURON450SAS
    Xuron 450SAS - Serrated Tweezer Nose Plier with Static Control Grips
  8. Part No:TLXURON450AS
    Xuron 450AS - Tweezer Nose Plier with Static Control Grips
  9. Part No:TLXURON9200
    Due in on 03/30/2020
    Xuron 9200 Tapered Head Micro-Shear Flush Cutter
  10. Part No:TLXURON2175ET
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    Longer, low profile cutting jaws easily reach into tight, confined spaces while the Micro-Shear? blade by-pass cutting action leaves smooth, clean cuts without pinching or damaging the delicate part.
  11. Part No:TLXURON9180-1
    Xuron 9180-Kevlar Scissors
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