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TWL PD2 Palladium Bath Conc 2.5 Grams (1 Pint)


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TWL PD2 Palladium Bath Conc 2.5 grams (1pint)

Palladium Ready To Use solution containing 2.5 grams. This product is shipped non-hazmat. New PD2 White - Palladium Plating solution This new Palladium was developed by TWL as a pre-plate for Rhodium or standalone to reduce costs. This solution deposits a a very white haze-free color. The color is extremely close to the color of Rhodium. This solution plates very quickly and provides outstanding corrosion and tarnish resistance. This is great for plating on to silver items to prevent tarnishing. You will love the color and the cost compared to rhodium!! This is a cyanide/acid free formula. This is a 5 gram/liter concentration and is available in a pint and quart containers. This is the ultimate palladium plating solution. The higher palladium metal content enables you to plate both high & low thicknesses of palladium. Plating higher thicknesses will add years of life to the plating finish. The 5-gram palladium can plate thicknesses of 1-3 micron. A platonized annode should be used with this solution.
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