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Xbox 360 GPU Solder Preform


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Quick overview

This is a special preform to reball Microsoft X-Box" GPU

This is a special preform to reball Microsoft X-Box" GPU.

This will fix the Ring Of Death and the dreaded "two lights flashing

The solder balls are 63/37. Microsoft recommends that its IC and PCB be reflowed or reworked to a maximum of 3 three times. If after reflowing 3 times, the problem is not resloved then reballing is the only solution.

This preform make reballing easy using these simple steps.

1. Remove the GPU

2. Remove the old solder using solder wick

3. Apply a thin coat of Tacky Flux 8600 to the bottom of the GPU

4. Locate the preform and align with the GPU

5. Reflow the Preform

6. Place the GPU on the board and reflow it.

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Brand SRA Solder
Manufacturer SRA Soldering Products
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